Tvsmiles - Quiz And Prizes

Tvsmiles - Quiz And Prizes

Tvsmiles - Quiz And Prizes

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Tv Smiles

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Do you want a new PLAYSTATION4, An Xbox One, a 3DS, a WiiU, AMAZON vouchers, giftcards, payPal or mobile phone credit?
More than 30,000 exciting & current Quiz questions await you every day – totally free – also competitions (all 100% free), valuable rewards and many possibilities to earn cash in the form of PayPal credit or vouchers from AMAZON.
Every month TVSMILES showers its users with prizes, competitions and rewards with a value of over £140,000. New quizzes with exciting current trivia from the world of sports, entertainment, & viral weird news are added daily.
What do you have to do to earn valuable giveaways?
1. Download the TVSMILES Quiz App for free
2. Earn points called SMILES immediately with by answering the quiz questions correctly.
3. Swap your Smiles for valuable rewards such as (AMAZON vouchers, Giftcards, Paypal credit and much more)
4. Take part in our daily free competitions and win amazing prizes such as PS4, Xbox, 3DS,TV, WiiU, Smartphones)
5. Register yourself as a TVSMILES VIP and receive further advantages like consoles from Mircosoft, Sony and Nintendo, Tablets and Smartphones from Samsung, vouchers from leading brands or rewards (holidays, home entertainment) and free bonus offers to get you to your prefered Reward even quicker.
6. There are even more Smiles for downloading and trying out other apps which take part in our offers as official advertising partners or occassionally w e’ll ask you to take part in market surveys.
7. Exchange your Smiles directly in app in our Smiles shop for further prizes and Smiles, giveaways.

Sound’s easy right? And that’s exactly what it is! Need we say more?
Need more info just click below.
Game rules:

For complaints or a general pat on the back (praise) we can be reached at
Here some highlights from the Price and Rewards shop


• Xbox One (Xbox) from MICROSOFT



• AMAZON Vouchers



• PayPal Credit

• Holidays

• Autos
So enough chatting , download the free TVSMILES App, become a reward and deals hunter and empty our Smiles Shop –ist way to full.

We look forward to meeting you.


Alles neu macht der Mai! TVSMILES ist erwachsen geworden: Mit der Version 1.8.0 stehen Dir eine stabile App zum Smiles sammeln und ein umfassender Profilbereich mit Einstellungsmöglichkeiten zur Verfügung. So hast Du immer den perfekten Plan zu Smiles, Quiz-Karten und auch den Preisen, um die Du zockst! Viel Spaß...